Sunday, 6 October 2019

How to Make Money with Photography

Turning photography passion into a profession is not easy at all, But if you do it with practice, then after some time, you can earn a lot of money from your photography. So in this article of ours today, we are going to tell you some such measures, by following which you can earn money from your photography. Doing photography is a very good profession because not everyone can do this work, you have to be a talented photographer.

You must have heard the names of the biggest photographers in the world, who are earning thousands of dollars from photography today.

So let us know that which are the ways by which you can make money by following your photography. 

Ways to Make Money with Photography

Here we are going to tell you the top 5 best ways that you can earn a lot of money by your photography:

#1 Sell Photos on Your Own Website

You can also sell photos taken by you online, For this, you just have to create a website on which you can easily sell your photos. Selling photos to your website is the best way because all you need is a hosting and a domain name.
Sell Photos Online

It costs very little money to build a website, you can make your own website for only 25-30 $. For your website you can buy domain name from Godaddy and hosting from Bluehost.

After creating the website, you will have to list the photos taken by you, as well as you can set their price according to your own.

#2 Edit & Retouch photos

You can earn a lot of money by editing photographs taken by other common people. If you know very well editing then you can do this work to earn money. You can do very good editing using Lightroom and PhotoShop softwares.

Nowadays, it is the era of portrait and fashion photography, and in this you can earn a lot of money from your retouching talent. Although it is not a matter of  any common people, but by practicing you can also become successful in it.

After being expert in retouching, you can take a lot of money on every photo according to you.

#3 Competitions


Many photographers forget about this thing because they think that we are not such good photographers. But you keep my point in mind that even if you know a little bit of photography, you can still participate in competitions, Because only by trying does one get success. 

I heard from a friend that 2 years ago a person in Canada got $ 2500 for a simple looking photo. So you must make an effort by taking part in competitions.

#4 Photograph Events

Making money from event photography is a great way. Nowadays photography is not required only in weddings but in many places you can earn money from your photography.
wedding photography

From birthday parties to bars and dance clubs, as well as places like temples, you can earn money from your photography.

For this, you can show them some photographs as a demo, or ask them to visit your website, In this, you will also have another advantage that if someone likes any of the photos given on your website, then they can also purchase it.

#5 Make with Instagram Photography

Birds Couple

You can also create an Instagram page where you can post your photographs. Only after posting your photographs for a few months will your good followers grow. You can earn a lot of money by using affiliate marketing as soon as your Instagram page gets well following.

If you complete at least 10K-20K followers on your Instagram page, then you can also earn a lot of money by sponsoring.

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