Friday, 22 November 2019

How to Earn Money With Blogging | Earn Money with Blogging

Nowadays, many bloggers are earning a lot of money from online home blogging very easily. If you also want to know that, how to earn money with blogging, then you should read this blog carefully because in this blog, we have explained that how a blogger earn money through blogging.
How to earn money with blogging

Blogging is not easy, but if you have a passion, you can do it easily, And you can earn a lot of money sitting at your home.

So if you also want to earn money by blogging then read this blog carefully.

To earn money from blogging, you have to follow the steps written below:

How to Earn Money With Blogging

#Step 1-Select Your Best Niche:

Before you start blogging, you have to select one niche, on which you will create your blog. If you make your blog by selecting your niche, then your chances of ranking your blog will increase even more.

You can start your blog related to any of the niche like: Technology, Music, Entrepreneurship, Health etc.

#Step 2-Find a Best Domain Name

Before starting your blog, you need to select a domain name eg

You can keep the domain name according to you that you like. Choose the domain name that shows your blog niche.

There are many types of domains like .com, .us, .uk, .in etc.

You can purchase these domain names with

#Step 3-Purchase a Best Hosting For Your Blog

You also have to purchase hosting for your blog, which you can buy from

While purchasing hosting, you have to make sure that your hosting quality is good.

#Step 4-Connect Domain to Hosting

Now you have to connect hosting to your domain name server.

#Step 5-Write 30-35 Unique Blogposts

Now you have to write 30-35 unique posts on your blog website which should have 1000+ words.

Make sure that your blog posts are not copied from anywhere and are in very simple language.

#Step 6-Apply for Adsense

Now you have to apply for AdSense so that there will be ads shows on your website and with the help of which you will be able to earn from your blog.