Thursday, 7 November 2019

How to Make Money On Youtube With and Without Adsense

In this article you'll know how to make money on youtube with and without adsense. At some point in your mind too, this thought must have come up, how the money is earned from YouTube. So let us answer your question here with full information.
How to Make Money on Youtube
How to Make Money on Youtube

In today's blog, we are going to know how to create a YouTube channel, and how can we also make money sitting at home by uploading videos on our YouTube channel.

Nowadays we see that there are many Youtubers who are making money by uploading full time videos on YouTube. You can also create your YouTube channel and make money by uploading daily videos on it.

On YouTube, you can make any kind of videos according to yourself, like if you like singing, then you can upload videos by singing songs. You can make a lot of money by making videos with the help of your any type of talent, like singing, dancing, acting, cooking etc.

How to Make Money On Youtube

Earning money on YouTube is not an easy task, for this you will have to upload daily videos as well as SEO them.

#Create a Youtube Channel:

To make money on YouTube, you must first create a YouTube channel, which you can create from home, for absolutely free. To create a channel on YouTube, you must go to and you can create your channel by signing in with your Google account.

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#Find Keyword For Your Video:

Now you have to do a lot of keyword research before making your video, so that you will have more probability to rank every video you make.

Keyword Research for Youtube Video

By doing keyword research, you will create only the videos that people search most and this increases the chance of more earning in less videos.

You can use "Google Keyword Planner" to do keyword research.

#Upload Some Videos On Your Channel:

Now you have to create an original video on the keywords you have selected and edit it properly and upload it to your YouTube channel.

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You have to keep in mind that the video you are about to upload on your youtube channel, is original, you do not have to upload the videos of others on your YouTube channel, otherwise a copyright strike will come on your channel.

If your channel continues to have copyright strikes, your channel will be suspended forever.

#Complete 4000 Hours Watchtime and 1000 Subscribers:

Now you have to complete 4000 hours watchtime by uploading videos on your channel and also to complete 1000 subscribers within a year.

#Apply for Adsense:

If you have completed 4000 hours of watchtime and 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, now you have to monetize your channel with adsense.

Now you have to apply for AdSense approval to monetize your channel. If there is no copyright issue on your channel, you will get adsense approval on your YouTube channel.

As soon as adsense is approved on your channel, the ads will start coming in between your videos. YouTube will keep 45% of the ad revenue shown in the middle of your videos and transfer the remaining 55% to your bank account with the help of your account.

How to Make Money On Youtube Without Adsense

Although there are many ways with which you can earn money on YouTube, but here you have been told about some special methods:

#Affiliate Marketing

You can also make a lot of money with the help of affiliate marketing with the help of your YouTube channel. To do affiliate marketing, all you have to do is join the affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart or Clickbank.

As soon as you join any affiliate program, you can generate affiliate links to your product of choice from there. All you have to do is give a positive review about that product in your YouTube video and add your affiliate link to your video description.

As soon as someone clicks on your affiliate link to purchase that product, you will get some percentage of the price of that product as a commission.


If your channel gets lots of subscribers and lots of views then you can get sponsorship easily.

You only have to give a small positive review of the product of the sponsoring company in the middle of your video and in return the company will give you money.

#Sell Your Own Products

You can take your business further with the help of your channel because the number of people who watch your videos is very, and you can sell any of your products to your audience.

It is also a good way to earn money with the help of YouTube channel, as well as you can start selling your merchandise too.

#Transfer Traffic to Your Website

You can also take your visitors to your website and make your website traffic 10x.

You can make a lot of money with your viewers through your own website.