Saturday, 2 November 2019

How to Make Money With Link Shortener: Which is best Link Shortener?

Friends, you must also have heard that we can earn money by sharing the link on Whatsapp or Facebook. Link shortener is also an example of the same. Today a lot of youtubers are also making money with the help of link shortener, as well as influencers are getting a lot of income from this. 
Online Money

In this, you only have to take any link and shorten it and share it with your friends. In this you get money according to each view.

How to Shorten Link

For this, first you have to create your account by going to GPLinks.

After creating account on GPlinks, you have to copy the link of any website or YouTube video. Now you have to paste that link in the place shown in the picture below and click on "Shorten":

As soon as you click on "Shorten", a new link will appear in front of you which you have to copy. 

Here we have shown you an example of gplinks, because in this you get 10$ for 1000 views.

Where Can We Share Our Link?

You can share the shorten link you have given to your friends and relatives through your WhatsApp. 

And if you have 10K + followers of Instagram, you can also share by adding to the swipe sub option.

You can also earn money by putting your shorten link in the description of your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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