Thursday, 12 December 2019

What is Network Marketing

In this blog we are going to tell you what is network marketing.
Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, network marketing is a pyramid scheme designed to sell products. Network marketing is also known as pyramid marketing or chain marketing. The main objective of network marketing is to sell your products to more people.
What is Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing

Network marketing is referral marketing or pyramid marketing, with the help of which a product or service is sold to as many people as possible. People selling products in network marketing are people from the same network who have purchased that product.

This means that if someone wants to be a part of a company's network marketing, then they have to purchase that product or service. After purchasing the product or service, it can join the network of that company.

Now after joining the network, to the people he sells that product or service, he gets some percentage of money in return.

Benefits of Network Marketing

1. Risk Free

You do not need to take any kind of risk to do network marketing, you just have to sell your products or service as much as possible. In this, you do not have to complete any type of target or worry about salery loss.

2. Passive Income

If you have been in network marketing for many years or if your network is very large, then you will keep getting passive income, because people connected in your network will keep on selling a lot of products, some of which you will get as a percentage commission. For this you only need to make your network very big once.

3. Unlimited Income

In Network Marketing, your salary is not fixed but in this you have the chance to earn unlimited money.

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